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Mimi reading at a bookshop in America in 2006



Interview with Maitreyabandhu at the London Buddhist Centre (December, 2011).

Mimi discuss her work and influences with Maitreyabandhu and Vishvantara at the London Buddhist Centre. ( mp3

The Poetry Channel

Aldeburgh Craft Talk 2008, 'the line-break' by Mimi Khalvati. ( mp3

The Independent

Labelled a "Persian poet", Mimi Khalvati owes as much to the Isle of Wight as Iran
By Christina Patterson ( Published: 17 August 2007).

Lidia Vianu

Lidia Vianu’s site, for interview and translations from Romanian, is:

The interviews are in book form posted in book form at: and can be downloaded at

A certain kind of energy

Mary MacRae interviews Mimi Khalvati, Magma Poetry 18, Autumn 2000. (

Mimi Khalvati in Conversation

With Vicki Bertram (from PN Review 130). (


Interviews in Print

E-Run, No.1, Spring 1998, interview with Michèle Monks

PN Review, No.130. Vol. 26. No.2, 1999. ‘Poetry To Live Your Life By’, in conversation with Vicki Bertram

Magma 18, Autumn 2000. ‘A Certain Kind of Energy’ with Mary MacRae

Other Poetry, No.11 ‘In Other Words’ in conversation with Mahendra Solanki (2001). The Poetryclass, interview with Jean Sprackland

As Poet in Residence, Royal Mail (May – October, 2000) 2002

The Times, 26 October 2002, interview with David Mattin

The Wolf, Issue 3, Spring 2003, interview with Valeria Melchioretto

www.lidiavianu, (23 Feb 2003), interview with Lidia Vianu

Brittle Star, Issue 6, Spring 2003. ‘Each Note Singing’ an interview with Jacqueline Gabbitas

Plant Care, A Festschrift for Mimi Khalvati. ‘A Desire for Memory’ interview with Eleonora Chiavetta

International Notebook of Poetry, No.5, 2004.  Interview with Elena Nistor

Mezzocielo, N.3, June 2005, interview with Eleonora Chiavetta

Acumen 62, September 2008, interview with Gillian Oxley


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