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It’s a night for nostalgia he said.
I felt I was missing something, some
echo of nights we must have shared
in separate alleyways, far off home

rain drew him back to, or clouds,
or the particular light behind rain.
I was nostalgic for words, last words
of a poem I would read on the train.

There was a power cut today.  I lit
three candles, ate lamb and read
by candlelight.  The beauty of it
was too lonely so I went to bed.

It rained then.  In the daylight dark.
I lay there till I heard a click
and voices.  When the lights came back
it was like a conjuring trick –

there they were, the animated creatures
of my life I had thought inanimate
objects.  And I was the one conjured
out of their dream of a dark planet.

from The Chine © 2002

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