Roll-over image of a simple drawing of flowers bending in the wind with Mimi's name writen in pink
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Mimi smiling
Photo © Caroline Forbes


Below are a few versions of the photograph to the left for publicity purposes. Please feel free to use them appropriately.

Depending on your browser and set-up, click on the link which will open a new window, then once the image appears in full (depending on your connection speed):

  • PCs right click and then 'save picture as...'
  • Macs control click and choose 'save image as...' or drag to desktop.

Small colour photo: 10x12cm, 72dpi, 192K (for internet use and Words)

Medium colour photo: 10x12cm, 300dpi, 1.3mb (for print use)

Medium Black and White photo: 10x12cm, 300dpi, 1mb (for print use)

Large colour photo: 15x12cm, 300dpi, 1.8mb (un-cropped)

Photo © Caroline Forbes

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